Preparing For Kindergarten- 6 Months Out!

Hello. Let's talk about back to school. Yes, now.

Silently from the sidelines, I've been watching the back to school panic that takes place on social media every Summer. In August, parents take to Facebook to complain about the cost of school supplies and the amount of school supplies needed, or to debate on the best backpacks and bento boxes.

This year, I get to join the masses of panicked and stressed out parents who prepare for back to school.

Except...I'm doing things a little bit differently and I encourage you to join me!

September happens at the same time every year. It's always the ninth month, smack dab between sizzling August and cool October. Back to school is inevitable, and never comes as a surprise, so why do so many wait until last minute to prepare for it?

As of March, we are officially SIX months out, and the time to prepare for back to school, is NOW! I've already started making small changes at home. The photo above is of our son's new art/learning space in his bedroom.

Over the next couple of months, I'm going to be sharing several posts on preparing for back to school- kindergarten to be exact, but many of my posts can apply to any grade.

You can expect to see topics such as:

  • Our MUST HAVE Items For Kindergarten
  • Thrifting For Your Child's Back To School Wardrobe
  • How We Are Preparing Our Home For A Kindergardener
  • Forest School From Home- Activities & Ideas For Woodland Play
  • Buying Quality Over Quantity
  • Tips To Help You Breeze Through Back To School Season 
  • Budgeting For Back To School 6 Months Out

& more.

The back to school panic and rush does not have to be a thing

Keep an eye on my social media to find out when the first post goes up!



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