5 Tips For Adopting A Family Pet

I am so excited to introduce you guys to the newest member of our family! This is Binx. He is a 3.5 year old cat who was brought into the Fredericton SPCA after he was found abandoned by his previous owners.

When my husband first suggested the idea of getting a cat, we were staying the weekend at my mom's house and he randomly brought it up at like 11pm. I was extremely tired and was iffy about the idea to say the least, but I put a pin in it and returned to the conversation the next day. Once we got home, he showed me that he was looking at the SPCA website to see what was available. I've always had pets growing up, and I love animals, so I took a look and fell in love with Binx.

If I'm being completely honest, part of me felt like I was finally getting to live my lifelong dream of being Sabrina The Teenage Witch with a black cat. Binx is actually named after the cat Thackery Binx from the movie Hocus Pocus, which I love, so we decided to keep his name.

We were nervous about the process, because I had read some negative reviews about the SPCA and their process for interviewing. I believe its 100% necessary to conduct the interviews before allowing adoption, I was just afraid we would be up against other families who wanted him too. Part of the reason I am writing about our experience is to let others know what to expect when adopting a cat from the Fredericton SPCA.

I didn't want to fall in love with him and not be able to take him home.

Binx had only been with the SPCA for one week when we met him. He was up on the website, but they had not yet posted about him on their Facebook page. We were told that he had some interest, but no other families had asked to interview for him. I feel like that may be due to the fact that he wasn't on their Facebook page yet, because I've noticed that when they post photos to the FB page, the photos usually get a lot of shares, comments and likes. I'm so thankful that Binx was only posted to the website so we didn't have "competition".

The townhouse community that we live in allows 2 pets, and as part of the interview process, the SPCA had to speak to our pet committee chair on the phone to make sure we had permission to have a pet. Since we have no pets currently, it wasn't an issue and we got the permission we needed. Binx was not fixed yet, so we had to wait to take him home, but they wrote "adopted" on his card to show that he had found a furever home. While we were waiting to take him home (almost 2 weeks after meeting him), I took that time to buy everything he needed and prepare our home for a cat. I noticed that he seemed to like small spaces and curling up in a little cat hammock thing at the SPCA, so I bought him a cozy bed that I thought he would love. I also bought him a cat scratcher, a collar, and his dishes. I was super excited to buy his food dishes because I'm a bit obsessed with Rae Dunn, and she has some adorable pet dishes available. I was not able to find the cat dishes at Winners or Homesense, so I bought the smallest size dog dishes and I'll replace them with cat dishes when I find them. I also found a really pretty green glass jar at Homesense to store his food in.

I feel really good about the entire process, and would recommend the Fredericton SPCA to anyone looking to get a pet.

 Here are 5 tips for adopting a family pet:

Take your lifestyle into consideration: Do you like to travel a lot? Do you have a big enough home for a pet to live there comfortably? Do you work so much that you would never be home with the pet? These are all things to consider.

Think of it like online dating- you might have to meet a few before finding "the one":

One complaint I often see about the SPCA is that people become irate when they don't get chosen for the pet they want. The important thing to remember is, pets need to be adopted out to the right families. If several people interview for the same pet, the right one will be chosen based on the adoption interview. If you don't get the pet you want right away, take some time to meet other animals and try again when you find the right fit.

Adoption Interview Tip: Dress to impress! I made sure we were all dressed in decently nice clothes before going to the SPCA. First impressions matter! If its between two families and one is dressed in clean nice clothes, and the other is wearing dirty clothes full of holes- which family do you think they will choose? Our son had been dirty from playing outside all morning, but I made sure to clean him up and dress him in nice neat clothes before going to meet Binx.

Take future plans into consideration.

Are there any major life changes that may be coming up? The birth of a new child, buying a new house, switching careers, are all things to consider before getting a pet. It's so important to think ahead- will you have the time and energy to take care of a large dog AND a new baby at the same time?

Can you afford a pet?

Being able to scrounge up enough money for an adoption fee is not "affording" a pet. Being able to afford a pet means affording its food, supplies, emergency vet visits, etc.

Is your house pet friendly?

Before bringing a new pet home- prepare your house! This includes getting rid of harmful cleaners and chemicals, putting things away, researching if you essential oils are harmful to pets, buying pet beds and toys, etc.

Comment below and tell me your pet adoption stories!


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