Townhouse Makever Series- Phase One!

It's begun! We are starting the first phase of our little townhouse makeover by covering up all of the nail holes and cracks, and figuring out what color to paint. My mom happened to have a big pail of crack fill and a putty knife that she lent us for this project.

I've decided to paint almost every room white because of the weird lighting situation we're dealing with. All of the bedrooms and the living room have no lights on the ceiling, and nowhere to install one. Painting the rooms white will brighten things up a lot. This photo below is our living room. It used to have two huge bookcases in that corner, but I just sold them because they were taking up much needed room, which was closing the room in even more.

As you can see, there is a metal gate that looks up into our dining room, which is currently painted white as well. I HATE these green walls so much. They were there when we moved in and until now we had never gotten around to painting them. I had to lighten this photo up a lot before posting because there is very little natural light that comes into this room. Because the living room looks up into the dining room, we need to make sure the décor is cohesive, and flows well throughout the space.

The photo below is of our kitchen. For some odd reason, whoever lived there before us decided that it would be a good idea to paint half the kitchen white, and then stop mid way and switch to cream. I'm going to be painting the entire kitchen a bright white to match the dining room. Since we rent, we can't do anything about the ugly cupboards, but hopefully with paint and décor we can turn it into something lovely.

I will update with after photos once we get the painting done! Painting is set to begin mid May! I will also do a collective haul with decor for each room, as I get it.

I'm passionate about supporting local business and my goal is still to work with local businesses to bring as many local products into our townhouse as possible! Check out this post HERE for more information on collaborating with us on this fun project!

- D

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