5 Tips For Keeping Your Kids Safe In Crowds This Summer!

Summertime is full of events, vacations, camping trips, carnivals, amusement parks, water parks, and tons of other busy, crowded locations.

It can be kind of intimidating to take our kids to crowded places- especially if you have multiple kids. I have ONE very busy kid and I'm constantly thinking of ways to keep him safe when we are out and about.

Here are FIVE helpful tips for keeping your kids safe in crowded places this Summer.

Safety Bracelets

I am obsessed with the safety bracelets from Mabel's Labels! I bought a package of them last Summer and we still have some left over for this year.

These safety bracelets are made from the same type of paper that an amusement park bracelet is made from- so you can get them wet and they wont come off. I used these last year when my son went on preschool field trips, when we went to the beach, etc. For field trips they are also awesome because the teachers don't have to go searching for our contact information if they need to contact us. On the Mabel's Labels website, you can customize them with your child's name, your names and your phone numbers. Ideally, your child wouldn't wander away from you in a crowd, but we all know it only takes a second of looking away for them to run out of sight.

They come with 30 bracelets in a package, which in our household will last 2-3 years.

Check out all of Mabel's Labels products including the safety bracelets HERE!

Bright Clothing

When dressing my son for an outing where we will be in crowds, I always try to dress him in bright colors, so he stands out. Even if I'm right beside him the entire time, having him dressed brightly and easy to spot gives me peace of mind. Dressing them in bright neon colours is also great for night time events like fireworks, campfires, etc.

For night time events, using glow sticks, flashing shoes, etc is also great for keeping track of them as they run around.

Another tip is to take a photo of your child in their outfit that day, so you can show people exactly what they were wearing if they do get lost.

Safety Harness

I have no problem admitting that we used a harness backpack on our son for crowded areas.
"What! You keep your kid on a leash!?"

I'd rather have my child in a harness than having him potentially run off a dock into the ocean, or dart out in front of a car. We used the Skip Hop Zoo monkey harness backpack to keep him close during Summer vacation when we went to tourist attractions. He actually LOVED it and used the backpack to keep his snacks and toys in. We used it at the zoo, and also while walking around Pointe Du Chene Wharf in Shediac. We were there to tour the boat for our wedding venue, and I knew that having my busy 2 year old "on a leash" was better than letting him run free around a steep drop off into the ocean.
On Facebook mom groups, I often see moms ask other mom's opinions on harnesses for their kids. Just save yourself the drama and get one if your child is as busy as mine.
He loved his Skip Hop Zoo Harness Backpack!

Look For "Safe People"

Take a couple of minutes after getting to a busy location and show your kids how to look for "safe people". This could be a mom with her kids, a police officer, a help desk worker, etc. Of course there is no way of knowing good people from bad just by looking at them, but if lost, your child has a better chance finding an employee or another mom who is more likely to help them. This is also where safety bracelets come in handy, so you can be contacted immediately if this happens. I've personally been at an amusement park before when a father lost his child and it was terrifying to watch. Thankfully they were found by a good Samaritan a few minutes later, but I'll never forget hearing his panicked voice as he yelled for his child.

Tell Them To Stay Put

Let your kids know to stay where they are if they lose sight of you. They can still ask for help if needed, but tell them to stay where they are to make it easier to find them. Also, let your kids know not to leave the park with anyone, even if they are a "safe person".

Comment below and let me know your best safety tips for crowds!


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