20 Summer Birthday Ideas For Kids

Born at the end of December, I've always wondered what it would be like to have a birthday party in the Summer. My son was born in early April, so I've yet to plan a Summer party, but I have a TON of ideas for fun Summer birthday parties, so I wanted to share them with all of you!

Let's get started!

Camping In The Back Yard - We used to do this all the time as kids and teenagers, and I think it would be a really fun birthday idea. Set up tents, a fire pit and camping chairs and have a fun night under the stars. Grab some glow sticks and have a game of night crawlers around the yard.

Pool Party- Most indoor pools have party packages to choose from that include the use of a room and allotted pool party time.

Ice Cream Bar- Set up a table with different ice cream flavors, toppings, flavoured cones, etc and have an ice cream party!

A Pineapple Themed Party- The perfect excuse to put pineapple on pizza (yes I'm one of those people!). You could mix fun pineapple slushie drinks, play pin the top on the pineapple, and have really cute pineapple décor.

Outdoor Movie Night- Set up a projector screen outside against your house to play the birthday kid's favorite movies! For younger kids, you can make cardboard box cars for a drive-in theme, or use camping chairs or blankets for older kids.

Giant Lawn Games- Giant Jenga, Ring Toss, "Yardzee", etc are always a crowd pleaser and super fun!

Water Balloons- Have the kids play a game of red rover, water balloon races, or just a good old fashioned water fight.

Flower Planting Party- I got this idea because my 4 year old LOVES helping with planting flowers. He is already talking about "his" flowers that he will plant this Summer. It would be a really cute idea for preschoolers to have a flower planting party. Each child could first paint their own flower pot. While the paint is drying outside, they can eat, play games and open presents. After the paint is dry, they can each plant their own flower to take home.

A Flamingo Theme Party- Flamingos on the lawn aren't just for over-the-hill birthdays any more! I recently saw some flamingo string lights at our local Dollarama that gave me this idea. You could play flamingo croquet, set up a pink lemonade stand, etc. The ideas are endless!

A Drive-In Movie Night- I mentioned the outdoor projector idea above,  but there's nothing like a real drive-in theatre. If you're lucky enough to have one of these kicking around your area, it would be a great idea for a birthday! Load up your vehicle with camping chairs and blankets, snacks, and bug spray if your drive in is like ours.

Scavenger Hunt- You can easily print off an online scavenger hunt or make your own! You can do one for the beach, back yard, park, etc. Divide the kids into teams and make sure there are prizes for all at the end!

A Lemonade Theme- and I'm not referring to Beyoncé. This theme would be super cute for young kids! You could set up a lemonade stand and have the birthday kid serve their friend's. Some other cute ideas would be lemonade themed cupcakes, a make your own lemonade stand with different fruits to add, etc.

A Good Old Fashioned BBQ- Birthday's don't always have to be Pinterest inspired masterpieces! BBQs never go out of style. Invite some friends and family over, set up some games outside, a couple of picnic tables, and you're good to go!

A Giant Slip-n-Slide- You could purchase a normal slip-n-slide, OR you could get a huge tarp and set up your hose, some bubbles, etc for some giant slip-n-slide fun. (use at own risk)

Smore's Bar- Set up a make-your-own smores bar with different types of crackers, chocolate and marshmallows.

"Science Camp"- This one is great for Summer because it's messy you can do it outside. Set up different science experiments for the kids to try- volcanos, rockets, large bubbles, etc.

Make Your Own Pizza Party- My son recently went to one of these, and it was AWESOME! He got to choose his own toppings, chop his own veggies (using a dull spatula), and eat his own mini pizza once it was done. This would be super cool to do in the Summer with an outdoor pizza oven!

Picnic In The Park- Most parks have gazebos available to use for parties. This is a really simple and inexpensive go-to for an outdoor Summer party. You can set up balloons, order or make food to bring, bring a cooler of drinks, and some outdoor games for the kids- although tbh they will probably spend most of the time on the playground.

A "Forest School" Adventure- I'm obsessed with the book "Play The Forest School Way" so I think this would be a really fun birthday adventure for a preschool/elementary aged nature lover. Gather some kids and parents up and go on a fun nature walk. The book has a ton of forest activities, but you don't need the book to do this. You could do a forest scavenger hunt, make mud pies, take a small hike, etc. At the end, you could finish with a picnic lunch, or take the kids out for ice cream and present opening elsewhere.

A Day Trip- A day trip is a fun experience gift that is perfect for the kid who has everything. You can make it just for family, or invite a couple of close friends. Some Summer day trip ideas would be going to the zoo, the beach, visiting near by attractions, visiting a farm, an amusement park, etc.

Comment below with some of your favorite Summer birthday ideas!

- D


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