10 Day Trips To Take With The Kids This Summer (Within Driving Distance Of Fredericton!)

There are few things I love more in life than a good old fashioned day trip or weekend trip! Living in the Maritimes, we have access to so many beautiful locations to visit that it can be hard to decide where to go!

I have compiled a list of locations within driving distance of Fredericton, NB that I've either visited and loved or have on my bucket list to visit.

Jellystone Park 

I grew up going to Jellystone Park every Summer when I was a kid and they have gotten SO many awesome attractions since then! We are planning on going for a weekend this Summer, and we are SO excited! If you don't want to stay a weekend, you can go up for a day and enjoy the waterslides, park, pool, mini golf course, etc!

Check out this link to see all of the awesome activities they offer! https://www.jellystoneparknb.com/activities.html

Shediac NB

Everyone who knows me knows that Shediac is my vacation spot. I've been going every Summer since I was a baby and my family has permanent vacation spots there. We camp every Summer at the Parlee Beach Campground and we spent our Wedding weekend with our friends and family at the Parlee Beach Chalets and Suites. There are SO many fun things to do in Shediac. My favorite things are:

Parlee Beach
Shediac Bay Cruises (Our Wedding Venue!)
Neptune Drive-In
The Big Lobster
Pointe Du Chene Wharf (The Best Sunsets!)

Check out our Shediac Bay Cruise Boat Wedding Here: Nautical Boat Wedding In Shediac New Brunswick

Parlee Beach

Pointe Du Chêne 
M at the big lobster age 2!
M at the big lobster age 3!
If you're planning on staying over, I highly recommend Parlee Beach Campground! It gets mixed reviews, but we LOVE camping here! I've been camping there since I was a baby, and my family has been camping there since way before I was born. It's changed a lot over the years, but it will always be my #1 place to camp in Shediac. You can book your spot online and even choose your lot using the map and photos on the site.

It's got a lot of beautiful green camping spots, a playground for the kids, it's across the road from the drive-in theatre and it's a short walk to the beach. It also has a convenience store right at the beginning of the road as you turn onto the campground road. So convenient!

Look at this beautiful grassy camping spot!

Mom tip: Get a spot located at the far end of the campground and close to bathrooms! That way you don't have to worry about heavy traffic, and the potty is only a few steps away for your kids!

Bouchtouche Boardwalk

Last Summer we ended our Shediac trip with a little drive over to the Bouchtouche boardwalk/Irving Eco Center. According to the website, it features:

  • A sand dune stretching 12 km (7.5 miles) across Bouctouche Bay
  • A 800m (1/2 miles) boardwalk with ramps and stairs to the beach
  • Interpretive displays and public tours
  • Free interactive educational programs
  • Electric vehicle tours are available to accommodate those with disabilities
  • On site BBQ is available
  • Special events to be announced seasonally

  • We had so much fun here, and our son (age 3 at the time) loved exploring the beach.

    Bouchtouche 2017

    Magnetic Hill Zoo

    We love the Zoo! They allow you to bring your own stroller or wagon or they have ones you can rent while there for $8. We loaded the wagon up with snacks, drinks and our kid and had so much fun!

    Prices for Regular Admission During Peak Season (June 23rd-Sept. 3rd 2018):

    Ages 13-59:  $15
    Ages 4-12: $11
    Ages 0-3: FREE
    Ages 60 + Over: $13
    Family of 4: $44

    Zoo trip 2016

    Magic Mountain

    Right next door to the zoo you'll find Magic Mountain! Water slides, wave pool, lazy river- there's something for everyone! Check out the prices here: https://www.magicmountain.ca/prices/

    The Hopewell Rocks

    Where you can walk on the Ocean floor or view the highest tides! Everyone needs to see the Hopewell Rocks at least once! I've gone a handful of times over the years and would love to get back there this year on a day trip. Don't forget to check the tide tables before you go to make sure the tide will be out! They have on site transportation for $2 each way in case your kid's little legs get tired. Check out the prices here: http://www.thehopewellrocks.ca/plan-your-visit/timing-your-visit

    St. Andrews By-The-Sea

    Believe it or not, I've never been to St. Andrews! For someone who loves the Ocean as much as I do, I don't know why I haven't made my way there yet, but I will! I've heard so many great things about St. Andrews from friends who have gone, and I can't wait to take my family there someday. Some of the attractions I've heard about are:

    The Fundy Discovery Aquarium/ Huntsmen Marine Science Center
    Whale Watching
    The Jolly Breeze Tall Ship

    Check out more attractions here: http://standrewsbythesea.ca/directory/category/attractions-activities/page/2/

    The Longest Covered Bridge

    I feel like the longest covered bridge doesn't get enough credit. I'm from Carleton County, and since the bridge is in Hartland NB, it's always been a close drive away, so I never really thought of it as an attraction- but for kids it could be a fun adventure! Stop and get an ice cream or a slushie and take them for a fun walk across the bridge. Check it out here: https://www.tourismnewbrunswick.ca/Products/H/Hartland-Covered-Bridge-National-Historic-Site.aspx

    New River Beach

    We went camping at New River Beach when I was pregnant with my son in 2013. It was a great place to camp, and the beach was beautiful and relaxing. The beach was full of interesting shells, drift wood and sea life!

    Camping at New River Beach 2013

    Grand Manan

    If you're coming from Fredericton, this would make a better weekend trip. There is so much to do on Grand Manan Island! Whale watching, hiking, beaches, parks, and more! This is another place that I have never been to, but it's on my list!

    Check out their website here: http://www.grandmanannb.com/plan.html

    Please comment below and let me know you favorite day trip destination! Share this post with your New Brunswick friends!!


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    1. I love this! Even though I have lived here for around 10 years, I sometimes feel like such a newbie and never know where to go for our next adventure! There are some great ideas here! Thanks!