Our Trip To Dartmouth- Stay At The Best Western Plus & IKEA!!

My husband is an automotive service technician for a car dealership and (to my advantage) occasionally they send him on all expense paid work courses in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia! Now that we are into a new year, I was able to use some of my fresh vacation time and book 4 days off to tag along. Since last time we came alone, this time we decided to bring Mason since he's never been to Nova Scotia before.

Although it's a business trip for my husband, all I could think about was (finally) being able to go to the new IKEA!

Dartmouth is about a 4 hour drive from where we live and Mason was good the entire drive. It's always a bit nerve wracking taking a preschooler along on a road trip, but we didn't even have to break out the iPad once! He actually slept all the way from Fredericton to Moncton!

We always stay at the Best Western Plus when we come here and it's a lovely stay. Sadly they were doing renovations this month and the pool was closed, so our plans to lounge around the pool all week were thwarted. Regardless, we ended up having a great time in the hotel room watching movies and using the elevator to go on snack runs to the vending machine. Our room had a nice desk and chair and I was able to get some work done when Mason watched movies.

This week was exactly what I needed to regroup and recharge. I was able to get a lot of things done relating to the blog that I had been putting off and it feels ah-mazinggg.

Mason got a bit of cabin fever from staying in the hotel basically all day every day, so he made his own fun turning the table into Santa's sleigh, dancing around the room and jumping around in the mountains of pillows that are on each bed.

On our last night here I finally got to go to Ikea! It was super overwhelming in the most amazing way possible. I would have loved a few hours to look around, but I had to bring supper back for the guys, so I found what I was looking for and got outta there. 

The upper floor of Ikea is the showroom where you can see all of the furniture and home decor set up. It's basically several completely finished display rooms.

This was my favourite:

How adorable is this play room!?

Once I found the item I was looking for, I had to venture downstairs to the warehouse to find it. 

This is what I got! The Gladom tray table for $25. I found that a lot of the items looked smaller in person than they did online, but this will still work for a night stand. 

After Ikea, I got terribly lost trying to find a restaurant in Dartmouth. In most cities I've been to, fast food restaurants are often grouped together or on the same street, which is not the case here. I drove for about 45 minutes to an hour trying to follow my Apple Maps to the restaurant I was looking for. 

As I write this, we are all in bed watching CSI. Mason is actually crawling on the floor at the foot of the bed but he doesn't think I can see him #momvision

Tomorrow I am taking Mason to a local indoor playground while I wait for Mitch to be done his course, and then we are heading home! 

I'm exhausted! I always feel like I need a vacation from my vacation- anyone else feel the same?


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