DIY Christmas Eve Box!!!

When Mason was a baby I started the tradition of giving him a box full of different fun items on Christmas eve. The first year the box was an empty gift box, the second year it was a thicker gift box, and this year I decided to up my Christmas Eve box game by DIYing this fun Christmas Eve crate!

This is something that we will have for years to come! I love this tradition so much because it just adds to the magic of Christmas Eve by giving them items they can use that evening.

I started by buying a plain wooden crate. Walmart had two different sizes. I bought the smaller crate for $8 and it's big enough to fit items for 1-2 children.

I used some left over paint that I had from another project and painted the crate bright white.

Using letter stencils, I painted out my phrase. I didn't have enough room for the word "Christmas" at the end, so I had to free hand it. I'm not 100% happy with how the lettering turned out for that one word, but I can always sand and repaint it another time.

I had to clean up the edges of the words I stenciled using a small paint brush and white paint after the letters were dry.

I bought this super cute Christmas tree ornament at Michaels and outlined it in green paint. It's hanging from the side of the Christmas Eve box as just a cute ornament to add to the festiveness of the box.

Here is the finished box!
Here are some ideas of items to put in the Christmas Eve box for kids:
  • New Pajamas
  • Favorite Treats
  • A Christmas Book
  • A Christmas Movie
  • Hot Chocolate
  • A New Stuffy
  • A Christmas Game or Puzzle
  • Reindeer Food
  • A New Blanket
  • A Christmas Pillow Case
  • Movie Tickets (for older kids)
  • A Magic Key (for Santa to use if you don't have a chimney)

I hope your Christmas Eve is magical!

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