Saturday, November 25, 2017

DIY Christmas Eve Box!!!

When Mason was a baby I started the tradition of giving him a box full of different fun items on Christmas eve. The first year the box was an empty gift box, the second year it was a thicker gift box, and this year I decided to up my Christmas Eve box game by DIYing this fun Christmas Eve crate!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

50 Kind And Creative Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Last year after much deliberation I decided to welcome an Elf On The Shelf into our home. His name is Griswold and you can read about my decision to "adopt" him here.

Since we've made the decision to not follow the book that came with our Elf, his activities are a bit different than others. He does not get into mischief or misbehave, and he does not spy on us. Griswold comes every year to suggest fun family activities, good deeds, and brings little treats throughout the holiday season. A lot of these activities are things you probably do in the winter regardless, but having your Elf present the ideas to the kids brings a little bit of holiday fun to your home.

If you have a similar little helper Elf in your house, here are 50 kind and creative Elf activities for you to try this year:

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