How To Survive Your 10 Year High School Reunion

Well guys, the time has come. One day you're 17, walking through the halls of your high school with your "bffs", and then you blink and you're 27- maybe married with kids, maybe not. 

Then there's that moment of panic when you get a Facebook invitation to your 10 year reunion and think "shit- what have I done with my life?"

I don't know about you, but I'm panicking. I see the names and comments flooding into the Facebook event page, and I'm instantly reminded of some negative memories; memories of people making fun of my weight, or playing cruel pranks. Was high school really the best time of our lives? I had some amazing times with my best friends in school, but the harsh words from some of my peers have definitely stayed with me. I'm still trying to convince my best friend to go (it's her reunion also), because I don't know if I can do this alone. I'll have my husband, but he doesn't know anyone and I'm worried that we would be that awkward couple in the corner not socializing.

I know some other people reading this may feel the same way I do- afraid to come face to face with your high school tormentors. 

If you weren't made fun of in school, maybe you're just nervous about people seeing where your life has taken you. Are you not as successful as you hoped to be by this age? Do the perfectly curated Instagram lives of your peers make you feel a bit discouraged? I've created this little "guide" to help you get through this event. I considered not going at all, but I know if I don't I'll always regret it. 

1- Remember that 10 years have passed and we're all adults now
None of us are the same people we used to be. The people who made fun of you, or tried to start fights with you are all grown up. Some of them may be married with kids, and are now working to protect their own children against bullies. Everyone is constantly learning and growing, because that's how life goes. Don't let old rivalries resurface, and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. 

2- Know that you ARE awesome
It doesn't matter if you didn't get your dream job, if you dropped out of college, if you aren't married with kids, or if you've never traveled the world. NONE of that says anything about your self worth. We all have paved our own unique paths in life, and we are all exactly where we are meant to be. 

3- Mingle! 

It's a reunion, and this isn't the time to be stuck together in your old cliques. Be brave and say hi to someone you wouldn't have talked to in high school. Be that person that makes everyone feel included and welcome. 

4- Don't apologize for where life has taken you

Do you still live in your parents basement? Awesome! Are you divorced and figuring single life out again? No worries, you got this! Are you a new parent who may or may not come dressed with spit up stains on your outfit? I've been there! Own your story, because it's all part of your amazing journey. 

5- Forgive, even if you don't forget

I've talked to a few people about this lately, and there seems to be a common theme of not wanting to see old peers because of negative interactions from 10 years ago. Like I mentioned above, everyone grows and changes. If you had a friend who you're no longer friends with- go say hi. Smile at someone who might have hurt your feelings once. This may be the one day that can help you get over things that happened in the past. If you made fun of someone and remember doing it- apologize to them. It might make way more of an impact than you realize. 

If all else fails- just drink a lot of wine. But remember, hangovers are NOT what they used to be. 

Now that I've written some tips, I wanted to introduce myself, as I am today, for anyone who I may have gone to school with 10 years ago. If none of you have any idea who I am,you may remember me as the girl who organized the Marianas Trench concert and wrote about it for the good ol Bugle Observer. If I'm being honest, that was probably my only notable high school success. 

Anyway- hi! I'm Dedreanna Drost (Dionne). I'm a 27 year old mother and wife. My husband and I got married last September on a boat, and we have a 3 year old son named Mason who is the absolute light of our lives. I'm a lifestyle blogger and freelance writer. I collaborate with companies to bring you awesome content, as well as write posts about my life. Check out my blog if you want to know a little more about me. I also have a day job as a customer service rep but have goals of becoming a full time writer in the near future. 

We moved away from our hometown in 2011, but still visit often. I never ended up as a famous journalist, and I have yet to travel the world. I'm just a normal girl working hard to make her dreams happen- even if its taken me 10 years. I've lost weight, got pregnant, gained it back, trying to lose it again. I went to college- a couple times. I've had successes and failures, and it's all brought me to the place in my life I'm at now.

Comment below and tell me about your life, as you are now:)



  1. THANK YOU! Haha your fears are the same as mine! My reunion is coming up in a month and I do not want to go. I hated high school! But my best friend is going, and so I told her I would as well. Your tips were fantastic and I will be using them all. :)

  2. This is why it's useful that one school I went to is 4,000 miles away and the other is 200 miles away. Everyone I actually want to keep in touch with is on Facebook, ha!


  3. Its lovely revisiting those memories. When we got back for the first time with school friends, the fears were the same but then it always became a moment of joy! Thanks to Fb who triggered our reunion:)

  4. Great tips, I never went to high school, I was a home schooler. But I can see how many can feel this same way.

  5. Great tips. It's 20 years since I left high school but we've never had a reunion. I'd love to see everyone again

  6. I absolutely LOVE number 4, "don't apologize for where life has taken you." That's such a great way of putting it - I think, especially with housing markets being what they are now, it's really easy for people in their mid to late 20s to feel ashamed of their financial situation and that's such a beautiful rule to feel proud of where you are. My high school doesn't have reunions, but if we did, I'd be following these tips for sure!

  7. Girl, this post came as just the right time. My 10 year reunion is next year and when I started seeing the Facebook posts about it, I was really hesitant about even going partly because of what you mentioned-just not seeing certain people or having negative memories from high school. But as you said, it's important to leave most of that in the past but there is no need to hold on to things when people have changed. After all, it has been 10 years so there's no need to hide from previous relationships.