Mabel's Labels Review!

Is anyone else sick of losing their child's belongings? I know I am. My son goes to preschool, and although the teachers there are amazing and 99% of the time don't lose his things, sometimes unlabeled items get sent home with us by accident, or a new teacher accidentally sends something home with the wrong child. It happens- we're only human.

Up until now I've been labeling Mason's items with permanent marker- which turns out isn't so permanent and comes off of his cups almost every time I wash them. Who wants to re-label their kids stuff all the time? Not this mama.

I've been hearing about Mabel's Label's for a while now through various mom groups, and thought of them recently when I was doing my daily routine of re-labeling his cups. I knew I needed to try them and see what all the fuss was about for myself- and I was not disappointed.

I chose the Starter Pack because it had the most variety for what we needed. It comes with 24 Mini Custom Name Stickers, 8 Custom Shoe Stickers, 42 Tag Mates Stick on Clothing Labels and 2 Personalized Bag Tags.

I used one Bag Tag on the little Skip Hop book bag we take when we travel. I was nervous about having his name displayed on the outside of his book bag for preschool- he is never without a parent or teacher, but you never know who could see their names while on a field trip or something. That's a little safety tip for you- having their name on the outside of their book bag can make them a target for predators since all they have to do it call their name to get them to go over. #anxietymom

I then used the Tag Mates to label his outdoor clothing. I labeled his new Spring jacket, splash pants and his Muddy Buddy. Labels are especially important for when a season changes because the teachers wont recognize new clothes right away. 

I labeled his cups for preschool this morning before he left. I love how easy they were to stick on. All of these labels are waterproof, dishwasher proof and washer proof, so they wont be budging through all of the washes we do. 

With the starter pack we also received round shoe labels. I haven't used them yet because we're almost out of winter boot season and I don't want to waste labels on something he wont be wearing much longer. I will definitely update this review once we buy and label his new warm weather footwear.

I highly recommend checking out Mabel's Labels. You can find there here

Comment below to tell me if you've tried Mabel's Labels and if you love them as much as I do! If not, how do you currently label your children's items?


Disclaimer: I received the Starter Pack from Mabel's Labels for free, however all options are my own and 100% truthful. 

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  1. I have not tried these, but what a cute idea! Losing your kids' stuff is the worst!