Ca-Pier Young Skin Care Review!

I'm really excited today to be sharing my review of the Ca-Pier Young Skin Care line! It's a line of all natural skin care products, created by Kathy Carniero. 

I was sent these products for review, however all opinions are 100% my own, and truthful. 

I received the Rosewater Toner and the Night Time Oil. Before bed for the past 3 nights I've removed my makeup, and followed it with using the Rosewater Toner. I applied it using a cotton round, following the instructions on the bottle. I love the slight tingle it provided, and the amazing smell. My face feels so refreshed every time I use it. After that, I used the Night Time Oil. I immediately noticed the lavender scent of the oil, which was so lovely and relaxing to use before bed. It feels so hydrating and luxurious, and in the morning my face has had a slight glowiness to it that I love. 

I also had the opportunity to ask Kathy a few questions about her products! 

Dedreanna: I love your entrepreneurial spirit and reading about the projects you've done on your website. From being a published author to creating your own skin care line, which has been your favorite endeavor and why?

Kathy: That is a hard question to answer. I have enjoyed all of my adventures! Each one has a different way of connecting and helping people, which I love to do. 

What was the reason you decided to start a skin care line, and where do you plan to take this line in the future?

When I made the decision to live a healthier lifestyle, I knew I had to change my daily skin care routine as well. I could not find a skin care line on the market that was as natural as I wanted or offered the ingredients I knew would be the most beneficial. That is when I decided to use my knowledge, background and experience in the cosmetic world and formulate Ca-Pier Young Skin Care. I would like to keep this line away from the "big box" stores and eventually have sales reps all across the world. 

How important is it for people to have a daily skin care routine, and what should that routine include?

Every day we are faced with pollutants and toxins that get in our skin. In order to keep our skin healthy and clean, we must rid these toxins every day. Basic cleaning, exfoliating, and nourishing the skin will help support and create healthier skin cells. This will help in the aging process, help prevent acne and even out our skins sebum production.

How important is it to use natural products, and where do you source your ingredients from?

Natural and organic ingredients are what I built the business on. If I don't keep them as natural as safely possible, I would be like everyone else. I want my customers to experience a more natural line and really understand the benefits. The ingredients come from natural and organic farmers.  

What age should we start using anti-aging products and which products of yours would be used best for anti-aging?

 The earlier the better. The younger you can get into a routine of taking care of your skin, the healthier your skin will age. Middle school and even as young as elementary is a great age to start your skin care regimen. Ca Pier Young products are gentle enough for our youngest generation. Our best "anti-ager" product would be the Acne Elixir and the Night Oil. 

What is your personal favorite skin care product to use on a daily basis?

I LOVE the Rosemary toner along with the Acne Elixir and my favorite cleanser is the Dry Cleanser, but who am I kidding...I love them all!

Where can customers purchase your products? 

The complete line can be purchased on my website:

I encourage all of you to check out her awesome products for yourselves! As mentioned above, they can be purchased here: 



  1. Ooh sounds good! I have mixed oily and dry skin on my I'm always looking for inexpensive products that work and is all natural! Gonna go check it out! Thanks Dedreanna!