The Start of Our Indoor Herb Garden

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope everyone had a very relaxing but productive weekend. I know we did, and I'm feeling really good about everything we accomplished.

This morning I decided to recruit Mason to help me plant some rosemary for the start of our indoor herb garden. Last year I grew Basil from seed and loved it so much that I want to do even more this year. Instead of growing everything from seed, I decided to get some small plants to pot indoors, starting with this rosemary. Let me tell you, it smells amazing. 

Mason loved scooping the soil into the pot. I got this really cute little flower pot bucket at our local dollar store for $4. He had fun, but in true Mason fashion he hated getting his hands dirty and asked me to wipe them off after every scoop lol. 

Here are the photos we took. I'll be posting more about what herbs we decide to grow later this Spring. 


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