Parenting in Joyful Chaos- Raising Two Under Two- Book Review and Giveaway!

Last night I had the pleasure of reading the e-book Parenting in Joyful Chaos- Raising Two Under Two by Stacy Taylor.

Stacy describes her journey of pregnancy and parenting in a raw and honest way that will resonate with all parents regardless of how many children you have. Even as a mother of one, I felt her struggles and triumphs, and walked away with some great tips. 

I found this a nice light read, and was able to finish it in one evening, which was great since most books usually take me longer to get through- aka every time I sit down to read Mason yells "MOMMM" every 5 minutes. Most of you can relate, I'm sure. 

Stacy was gracious enough to send me a copy of her e-book, and one for one of you!! 

Please go to my Facebook page Adventures at Home to find out how to enter to win your own copy! 


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  1. Thank you for the review on Parenting in Joyful Chaos Book. I'm happy you enjoyed the book and you were able to take away some tips too!