Christmas Decorations Before Remembrance Day?

Every year there is always an argument/heated discussions online about not decorating for Christmas before Remembrance Day.


I see 2 sides to the argument, which I will lay out below: 

 Before I get into this- personally I am not decorating for Christmas right now, but I am putting some "winter" things up because I enjoy having my table look pretty and seasonal. I also won't be putting any outdoor decorations up until after Remembrance Day. Our neighbors are in the military and I would hate to offend them or make them think that I don't care about Remembrance Day. I am however currently obsessed with my Christmas play list on Apple Music, and I can't stop thinking about the holidays. I'm just feeling very festive lately, and honestly somewhat guilty for feeling that way. 

While I completely understand the idea behind waiting (respect and not pushing Remembrance Day aside in favour of Christmas), I also feel like forcing people to wait is just making them want to get Remembrance Day "over with" so they can decorate for Christmas. If you're trying to get something over with, it means you want it to go by quickly and probably aren't taking in the entire day as you should. 

If the same people were allowed to decorate before Remembrance Day without being judged, I think they would have more time and patience to actually reflect about what Remembrance Day is all about instead of thinking "I can't wait to dig out my Christmas stuff later"

Some people argue that we should be able to do what we want because they fought for our FREEDOM, so we should have the freedom to decorate. My grandmother's father fought in a World War and I can tell you that she decorates whenever she wants, and I'm pretty sure she even has some Christmas decor out year round. 

Originally when people started arguing about not decorating early, it was the stores they were referring to- asking malls and stores not to decorate before Remembrance Day is over. Somehow, it got pushed to asking people not to decorate their own homes. I think it would be great if there were more decorations and products available for Remembrance Day for those of us who love to decorate. I always put up the Remembrance Day crafts that Mason makes, but it would be great to have more options. 

I feel like when it comes to the whole Remembrance Day/Christmas situation, maybe we should hold off on the judgement and let people do as they please without being called disrespectful or inconsiderate- because I don't think it's anyone's intention to be disrespectful . I don't think that big stores should be decorating for Christmas before Remembrance Day, but someone in their own home? Maybe. I personally have never forgotten to take time to reflect on what the military has done for us, no matter what my house looks like. While I won't be decorating for Christmas specifically before Remembrance Day, there is a thin line between Christmas and winter decor, and If I accidentally cross that line with a snowman that has a festive scarf on, please know I mean no disrespect. I just find joy in decorations, and for someone with anxiety and even depression, I can tell you that anything that brings me joy is a good thing. 

Do you decorate for Christmas or winter before Remembrance Day? 


  1. I always decorate on Dec 1- I would like to do it earlier but hubby is a scrooge and no talk of Christmas before Dec 1. I like to honour for Remembrance day

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