Decluttering My Nail Polish - The KonMari Method

This is just going to be a quick post about decluttering my nail polish collection using the KonMari method. It took me maybe 5 minutes to get through them but I feel so much better that it's done.

Here is the massive and old bag I was using to hold my nail polish. I just don't have room for this anymore, it doesn't spark joy, and I want it gone ASAP. 

When I started sorting through the polishes, I noticed that 75% of them were at least 10 years old. Some of these nail polishes were probably from middle school. I'm serious. 

I immediately got rid of all of the old, dry and almost empty ones. For the ones that still had a decent amount of polish left, I took a few seconds for each one and decided if they sparked joy or not. My favourite joy sparking nail polish brands are O.P.I, Essie, & China Glaze. I just love their packaging and how the handles feel. It may sound weird, but why keep something that I don't enjoy looking at or using? They're also the ones that seem to stay on my nails the best. 

Here is all of the polish I got rid of: 

And here is what I kept: 

Not pictured is 2 O.P.I nude polishes, and an Essie polish because I used them a lot this summer and couldn't find them before I did this. I know 100% that I'm going to keep them though, and will put them away once I find them (probably tucked away in a purse, suitcase or somewhere in our room.)

 Decluttering nail polish may seem like something simple and quick, and for the most part it is, but there were definitely some emotional attachments I wasn't expecting. I found nail polishes that reminded me of high school dances, Halloween parties, a wedding I was in, etc. I also found a reallllly old nail polish of my moms that I think she had when I was a little girl. The only reason I kept it for so long was because I remembered my cousin telling me once that she always remembered my mom having purple nails. So for some reason, I held on to this purple nail polish. No idea why, and I don't even remember her ever wearing it myself. Now that I'm using the KonMari method, it seemed like a weird thing to keep. My mom will probably think I was super weird to keep it if she reads this too. If I dig deeper into the meaning of it, maybe I was keeping it because it's something she used to wear when she was married to my dad- but I wear her wedding set every day, so I don't need a random bottle of nail polish to remind me that my parents got along at one point in my life. I'm letting the purple polish go. 

I think the next thing I KonMari will be jewellery, so watch for that post coming soon :) 


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