The holidays are on the way!

Good morning and "happy" Monday!

I had the weekend off and spent most of it cleaning, sorting and decorating. We've lived in our townhouse since last February and it's never fully felt like home, but decorating for the holidays makes it much more cozy.

I was debating on if we should even put a tree up this year because we always go home for the holiday's anyway. We sold our old Christmas tree when we moved so we wouldn't have to take it with us, and I was considering getting a real tree, but we ended up getting another artificial. I love this one much more than our old tree. It literally took me 5 minutes to set it up, and it's pre-lit so I didn't have to string lights, which is my least favorite part.

This photo is from before I put the decorations on. I loved decorating the tree this year because of all the special ornaments we have. I found FOUR baby's first Christmas ornaments, all of our painted ornaments from clay café, and some that I kept from my mom's house.

Our dining room overlooks the living room through an iron gate, so you can see our Christmas tree from the dining room and kitchen. We've also got our stocking hanging from the gate. I love the layout of this area so much, and I'll post more pictures of our other decorations soon, with some tips on how to safely decorate with a toddler in the house.

Mason was SO excited to see the tree. He ran into the room and said "what's that?". I told him it was the Christmas Tree, and he ran around the room going "whoa whoa whoa!" That blurry picture is the only one I could catch of him.

I've seen a post circulating on social media about how having kids at Christmas is even better than being a kid at Christmas, and it's SO true. I have always loved Christmas, but having Mason takes it to a whole new level. It's like once you become an adult, you kind of forget about all of the wonder, joy and excitement that the holiday's bring. Being able to share Christmas with Mason and seeing his excitement over the smallest things reminds me of how magical this time of year really is.

I also just wanted to add, that I have a lot of friend's who are currently trying to conceive their first (or even second) child, and that the holiday's can be a reminder of what they do not have yet. If any of those friend's are reading this, I just wanted to say that first, I hope posts like the one mentioned above do not hurt you. I do think of you all before posting anything like that, and I know you'll get your wish someday, no matter how it happens. I love and support you all <3


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