STOP the car! There's something I can paint over there...

My name is Dedreanna Dionne, and I'm addicted to painting furniture. I'm on a mission to make our house more beautiful every day. Sometimes I just browse Kijiji for fun looking for something I can make my own. Here is a project I actually did a couple of months ago.

Note to self (and everyone else)- Don't spray paint inside. I swear I thought the fumes were going to finish me. I painted this project by an open door, and it was still way too intense for indoor breathing lol. Side note- Mason was not around these fumes.

Anyway, here is the finished product. We are currently using it as a TV stand in our bedroom, We used to have a black armoire that we were using, but this is much better,and I love how light and fresh it looks with the white paint.

This was a super easy project. All I did was remove the drawers, lightly sand the frame, and spray paint it. I did not use a primer or sealant because it's just going to be used for our TV.

This entire project cost less than $20. I bought the dresser on Kijiji for $10, and then bought a couple cans of paint.

My next project will be painting my coffee stand in the kitchen. I'm also painting it white to bring some light into the room.




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