Saturdays are for playing

Good morning everyone. It's Sunday, and I'm currently at work doing some overtime. I love doing OT on weekend mornings because I get home by 10am, usually just as the guys are waking up- which means I still get to enjoy a full day off at home. Yesterday was a day full of fun, and some light cleaning. Mason tried to help me clean his room by putting his dirty clothes back in the dresser, and emptying his book sling onto the floor. It's hard not to get frustrated sometimes when they don't fully understand what "no" means yet. When he got to the book sling, I decided to redirect his attention to a set of cardboard stacking blocks that he hadn't played with before. We ended up making towers and knocking them down. He really sat and concentrated on what he was doing, trying to stack them up taller then himself, and rearranging them when he realized he couldn't reach.

Before supper, I got him dressed in his new hoodie from great-nanny and took him for a walk in his cozy coupe. We came back and walked up to the small park that's for members of our townhouse community only. The park has one swing-set, and several ride on toys for toddlers. He found 2 more cozy coupes that were in much worse shape than his, but he chose to play with those for a while before finding a really fun stick on the ground. 

Saturdays used to mean being the designated driver for my friends because I was always the sober one. They were for getting dressed up in an outfit that I was probably self conscious in, and awkwardly trying to fit in at clubs with sticky floors and crowded bathrooms. 

Now, Saturdays are for playing. They're for fresh air, home cooked meals, outdoor adventures and Netflix. Saturdays are for cleaning, and making my house smell like lemon and lavender. Sometimes they're are for trips to the market, or coffee with old friends. I like my Saturdays a lot more now than I used to.

Here are some more photos of our little walk to the park: 


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