Minimalizing and Living Intentionally

Minimalizing (it's a real word, I googled it :p) and living with intention is something that I've been trying to work on around the house lately. I've always been the kind of person who wants the best of everything and have lived under the mindset that more is better. More clothes, more books, more movies, the best phone, best computer,best tablet. More candles from Bath & Body Works (give me ALL the candles!!!)

This state of mind has carried over to how I've been raising Mason. Even when I was pregnant, I wanted him to have the best stroller, brand name clothes, the best bottles,best toys, ect. Our old apartment quickly became overrun with his stuff, which lead me to wanting to buy him the best toy box, and the cycle continues. 

When we moved into the townhouse, I suddenly had more space to buy more stuff. Mason had so many toys in the living room that he didn't even know what to play with first. He would go from toy to toy until he was so overwhelmed that he would start playing with things that weren't toys (trying to get my water glass, crying when he cant have the remote, ect). I then came across an article explaining how children play better in play rooms that have less clutter and less toys, because they learn to focus on the toys that are available instead of running crazy from toy to toy. 

After reading that article, I sorted through his toys and got rid of things that he didn't play with anymore. I took all of his baby toys (rattles, teethers, ect), washed them and stored them away for future babies. I put away seasonal toys, and completely decluttered the living room. After this, I found that he was able to concentrate on one toy at a time, and actually plays on his own for longer periods of time. 

I'm currently working on slowing applying this method to the rest of the house. I've become obsessed with 2 blogs specifically (I'll link them below) that are written by moms who live with intention and keep a fairly minimal household. Getting rid of clutter and things that we don't need is so therapeutic and gets rid of a lot of stress. Everyone functions better in a cleaner, decluttered household. 

I've been looking at all of our items and basically asking myself these questions:

- Do I use this often?
- Do we NEED this?
- Does this item bring me joy?
- Does it have real sentimental value? 
- Is this a seasonal item that can be stored until next year? (Clothes, outdoor items, ect) 

As I go through and declutter and minimalize our house room by room, I'll post updates and before & after photos. 

I'm realizing that it's better to spend money on experiences rather than items, which is where living with intention comes in. We all spend every day going through the motions, but rarely stopping to actually think about what we're living for. What are our passions and dreams, and what are we doing to get there? So many of us are on auto pilot and not really taking control of our lives. I work every day and come home to a house that is full of stuff. STUFF everywhere- a book here, a stray toy there, clothes that we haven't worn in months. It's not refreshing to walk through the door at the end of the day, its stressful! 

If any of you are interested in minimalizing your house, comment below and we can compare notes!:)

Here are the blogs that I'm currently obsessed with: 


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