5 reasons I wont be a stay at home mom

Hey everyone, happy Sunday:)

I just wanted to talk about something that I've been asked a lot lately by different people. Some of you may have seen on Facebook that I've been working some extra hours. There's no specific reason behind it, other than general debts and just trying to build up my paycheques for Christmas and other events. 

I've been asked by other parents, and some friends why I don't just become a stay at home mom. Mason's daycare costs more than our rent, and it's currently the biggest expense we deal with every month. Some people assume that having me stay home would help us save money by getting rid of that expense. 

Here are 5 reasons why I will not become a stay at home mom (anytime soon):

1- I love Mason's daycare. I think it's really important for him to have that social interaction with kids his own age. I find great comfort in knowing that he's having fun all day and learning lots of new things. 

2- I actually like where I work. The benefits are amazing compared to other jobs, the staff is friendly, and there are lots of opportunities to make more money through overtime or other positions in the company. I actually don't mind working overtime there because it's such a great environment to work in. I've kind of made it a game for myself to see how many extra hours I can do per week. 

3- We do need the extra income that I bring in from working. I honestly don't understand how people are surviving on minimum wage jobs in this city. We both work full time and make above minimum wage, and I still wouldn't say we are "comfortable" financially. I read an article recently about how people my age just expect success to fall into our laps without working for it. Something about that article stayed with me, and I've decided to work harder now to make a better future for us later. 

4- I'm in school. I'm taking a course through correspondence. The only real time I have to work on school work is when Mason is at daycare, or sleeping. Like I've mentioned in a previous post, I still have every day tasks to do when I get home every night, so it's hard sometimes to find the time to make school work. 

5- Savings and paying off debt! If I didn't work, there would be no way we could start building a savings account. There have been far too many times where we have needed emergency money and not had it (thank you to our parents who have helped out more than once!). I have an RRSP through work, which is awesome because I probably wouldn't have went and got one on my own, but we don't have a real savings account. I've been talking to friends about the best way to go about this, and I think we're going to just have a certain amount of our pay go directly into savings. That way I won't see it and be tempted to spend. If we saved $200/mo every month, we would have $10 000 by the time I'm 30. 

So, that's it. Staying home is great and works for so many familes, but it's not for me :) 

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