Diary of a Working Mom

I see the battle constantly. Working mom vs stay-at-home mom: who works harder?

I recently read a post on Facebook that I found slightly offensive. It praised the hard work of a stay-at-home mom, while stating that working moms get a break all day while they're at work.

Before I continue, I just want to state that this post is not going to be a "who has it worse" kind of post. It's just an account of my personal experience as working mom of one toddler.

One of the main reasons that I take offense to the statement that working moms get a "break" is because the main part of being a working mom is.....being at WORK. We aren't sitting back laughing all day because we get to pee alone- we're actually working. I get two 15 minute breaks all day, and a 30 minute lunch. Here is what I do during that time:

First 15 minute break: Run to the washroom to, yes, pee alone. After working for over 2 hours without a bathroom break, I think I deserve the right to take one. I think all moms know that our bladders aren't what they used to be, so going that long without using the washroom is tough. After I run to the washroom, I usually try to spend a few minutes working on school work, or making phone calls. I work throughout the day, so my breaks are the only time I have to schedule appointments or return important calls.

30 minute lunch: This one is fun. I usually either run home to take care of the dishes that I didn't have time to wash the night before, or run errands that I can't do after work because everything is closed then.

Last 15 minute break: Wait for it guys.....I pee alone again, work on some more school work, and refill my water since I've been talking non-stop to customers all day.

So there you have it- those are my amazing vacation-like breaks.

I get home around 6:45pm each night. After working alllll day, I must get to relax after work, right?

You'll actually find me rushing to get supper cooked, packing lunches for the next day, trying desperately to clean something, anything to make the house look 5% better. Then, after I finally get my busy toddler to sleep at around 9pm, I might try to find the energy to take a shower before crawling into bed. Once I'm able to drift off to dream-land, I'm woken up several times a night by my son who hates to sleep.

Mornings are fun. Mitch gets up for work around 7am, so my mornings before work are spent trying to get ready for work while my son works on emptying all of the tub water onto the floor from his bath. I then try to make breakfast for us, which usually ends up being a shared bowl of cheerios and toast, rush him off to daycare, do my make-up in the car before work, and then start my work day over again.

Repeat every day all week. 

On weekends I get the privilege of catching up on all of the housework that I can't do throughout the week and then try to find fun things to do with my family. If I'm lucky, I'll get a few minutes of silence to do some more school work. We also try to catch up with friends sometimes so they don't forget that we exist.

So yes, I get some time to pee alone every day when I'm at work. But, you better believe that when I'm home, you'll find Mason sitting on the bathroom heater waiting for me to finish.

I was a stay-at-home mom for the entire year that I was on maternity leave. All I know is that my house was cleaner, I was getting more school work done, and I was able to take Mason to play dates twice a week, we could visit family often, and it was one of the best years of my life.

Again, just my experience of a mom to one toddler. As a stay-at-home mom, please don't be so quick to assume you have it worse until you walk a day in my shoes. Just know that being at work is not like being on a vacation every day, and we all face the same struggles in doing whats best for our families.

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